Hell in the Cave 2018 Castellana Grotte

Schedule defined 2018 Of Hell in the Cave – verses dancing in the dark air, the largest underground air show in the world, staged for seven years in the Grotte di Castellana.

Inspired by Dante's circles of the Divine Comedy, Hell in the Cave is Dante's hell seen from the center of the earth, a 70 meters deep, among karstic concretions designed by nature in 90 millions of years. An evocative scenario acts as a frame and is at the same time the protagonist of the show, between damned souls and demons but also celestial candid figures led by the enchanting Beatrice. The cast of dancers and actors make the Hell in the Cave experience unique, and 7 years now, collect record numbers.

Hell in the Cave thus confirms itself as the largest permanent show in Puglia.
This is the calendar of the reruns of 2018.

April: Saturday 14, Sunday 22, Monday 30
Maggio: Tuesday 1, Saturday 12, Sunday 20, Friday 25
June: Friday 1, Saturday 16, Saturday 30
July: Saturday 7, Saturday 14, Saturday 28
August: Friday 3, Saturday 4, Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12, Thursday 16, Saturday 18, Friday 24, Saturday 25.
September: Saturday 1, Saturday 8, Saturday 15, Saturday 22, Saturday 29
October: Saturday 6, Sunday 14, Saturday 20, Saturday 27, Wednesday 31
November: Thursday 1, Saturday 10, Sunday 18, Saturday 24
December: Saturday 1, Sunday 9, Saturday 15, Wednesday 26, Sunday 30
January 2019: Saturday 12
All reruns are scheduled at 21, except those in the month of August (always at the hour 22), of those scheduled for Sunday 22 April and Sunday 20 May (at 20,30), of those scheduled for Sunday 14 October, Sunday 18 November, Sunday 9 December and Sunday 30 December (at 20).

Tickets are on sale online on the ticketone.it circuit. Info and reservations at the number 3391176722.

The cost of the ticket is 20 euro. The Castellana Caves combination ticket is also possible (complete visit with White Grotto) + biglietto Hell in the Cave: the total cost will be 28 euro instead of 36 euro.