Festival of the Senses edition 2018

Festival of the Senses,

Martina Franca – Cisternino – Locorotondo.

A “voyage” between art, literature, music and good flavors

In Puglia, 22- 23- 24 August 2014, more precisely from Locorotondo (BA), a train leaves that leads to the discovery of the world of the senses. From the beautiful location of the Itria Valley, indeed, the Festival of the Senses is kicked off. One three days – promoted by the Iter Itria Association in collaboration with the “Aldo Moro” University of Bari and with the GAL Valle d'Itria – of traveling conferences between Cisternino (Br), Locorotondo (Ba) and Martina Franca (Ta), slow speed trips, exhibitions, sensory experiences, insights into bio-diversity and workshops for the little ones on the topic of trains and rail travel. A three-day event during which the topic of the senses is investigated through music, science, the art, the literature, the philosophy and architecture of gardens. A curious and original way to rediscover the beauty of living slowly and in contact with ourselves.